Monday, 29 January 2018

Partying with Jane Gregory in Mayfair

My father, a retired psychiatrist (now elderly) would remind me from time to time that as we age - 

“it’s the characters, the larger than life people; those with a generosity of nature, the ones that make you think, and make you laugh loudly at the absurdity of life - who are the ones that enrich our lives, and they are the people we remember most affectionately as they are life affirming.” 

And we all know that literary agent Jane Gregory is one such person, for her presence always lifts ones’ spirits, no matter how dark the day is.

When congratulating Jane Gregory last year at the Theakstons’ Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival for receiving the Special Services Award from the Harrogate Team, I remarked about how eclectic her 20th Anniversary Party was. She still recalled Mike Stotter and I attending as “Pulpy Fiction” dressed as John Travolta & Samuel Jackson from the Tarantino movie, complete with false wigs and facial hair. We thought our attire was apt as Jane’s business - Gregory and Company are specialist literary agents, who work in publishing’s crime, mystery & thriller fiction niche.

So late last year many of us received a ‘save the date’ message from Gregory and Company. We all knew that the niche literary agency was joining forces with David Higham Associates and that Gregory and Company were about to celebrate 30 years in business.

To see and read more about the evening - click here
Photos and Text © 2018 Ali Karim

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