Thursday, 15 March 2007

Michael Marshall's THE INTRUDERS

With the imminent release of Michael Marshall's latest crime book The Intruders, Ali Karim (an ardent fan) questioned the author for a piece at During the interview Michael says,
"I’ve always thought of what I do more as ‘noir’ than crime, and essentially the core perspective has been the same right from the earliest novels. Those happened to be set in the future, and so got labelled ‘sf’ (and died in the crime market); the last three novels were set in the present day, so they’ve been seen as ‘crime’ (thus perplexing sf readers). To me it’s all been the same, just with changes in emphasis."
There is also a chance to download a pdf sample. The complete interview will be available to view on 16th March. Click here to check it out.

The Intruders is published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (2 April 2007)
Hardback £12.99

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