Monday, 9 March 2009

CSI creator writes digital crime novel

Not content with the massive viewing figures of CSI, Anthony Zuiker, the creator of CSI is now preparing to add crime writer to his list of achievements. Dark Chronicles is the first in a digital crime novel series. The Dark Chronicles is a gripping serial killer thriller series which will be a trilogy and will feature Steve Dark a former member of the FBI Special Circumstances Unit. Not only will it be a trilogy but it will also be a digi-novel. According to Michael Joseph who have purchased the books, the Steve Dark books will be complemented by a comprehensive online and digital component featuring exclusive cinematic content, 20 cyber bridges created by the author which may be used side by side with the novels. Readers will be able to access cyber bridges every five chapters, allowing them to view videos, audio files and photos. Readers will also be able to view online story-specific ancillary materials like emails, FBI 'personnel files', audio clips of phone conversations, psychologists' reports from suspects' files and other back-story material. Furthermore, as the series progresses, entire storylines and characters will be developed to live in the digital world, spinning into and out of the novels bringing readers to the books, browsers to the web portal, and viewers hopefully to the inevitable film and TV spin offs. See here for more information.
The first of the Dark Chronicles series will be released in the US on 8 September 2009 by Dutton and in January 2010 in the UK. The accompanying website, will be launched in July 2009 with a blog and social network.

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