Friday 7 June 2013

Peter James and DEAD MAN’S TIME

Shots eZine were delighted to hear that Peter James is making a good recovery following his serious car crash as reported in The Independent –

James was racing his 1965 BMW, which he bought in January for £100,000, when he was clipped from behind by a Lotus Cortina as he took a fast downhill bend at 85mph.

“If you were a baddie and you wanted to spin a car round, you’d hit the back section just there by the rear wheel,” he told The Independent yesterday. “I always wondered what it would feel like. I saw grass, gravel, tarmac… Apparently I rolled four times.”

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Though he had to cancel his appearance at Crimefest Bristol, but as he does not want to disappoint his readers, so he managed to celebrate the launch of the ninth book DEAD MAN’S TIME in his award winning Roy Grace with a book launch at the Amex Stadium in Brighton for over 500 friends and fans.  

Guests were treated to bespoke cocktails based on the key characters form the series and a sneak peak at the exciting blippar page in copies of ‘Dead Man’s Time’.  Peter will also be signing copies of his new book at WHSmiths, Asda and Waterstones on Friday 7th June [full details at, following on from a full day of signings at three major Tesco stores in Sussex on 6th June.

So what will Roy Grace be facing in book #9?

A vicious robbery at a secluded Brighton mansion leaves its elderly occupant dying. And millions of pounds' worth of valuables have been taken. But, as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, heading the enquiry, rapidly learns, there is one priceless item of sentimental value that the old woman's powerful family cherish above all else. And they are fully prepared to take the law into their own hands, and will do anything, absolutely anything, to get it back. Within days, Grace is racing against the clock, following a murderous trail that leads him from the shady antiques world of Brighton, across Europe, and all the way back to the New York waterfront gang struggles of 1922, chasing a killer driven by the force of one man’s greed and another man’s fury.

Shots Ezine feature photographs of the launch, as we’re delighted to see our former Chair of The Crime Writers Association [CWA] Peter on the road to recovery.
Peter’s Roy Grace novels are making waves in America following his Barry Award win last year and the reception for his techno thriller PERFECT PEOPLE, so if you’ve not explored the dark side of Brighton, perhaps it’s time you did. 

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