Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Rehanging the Iron Curtain

We’ve been energized with the change in direction by the award-winning writer Jon Courtenay Grimwood, moving deep into Thriller territory, with last year’s Moskva and this year with the follow-up Nightfall Berlin which we reviewed at Shots, stating –

Back in the 1980s with what appears to be a thawing of the Cold War, British Intelligence’s Tom Fox is sent covertly to East Germany (specifically the Soviet controlled sector of Berlin), to ex-filtrate a defector back to the Western sector. As a backdrop to the operation, the geo-political stage is set with the Nuclear Arms negotiations between East and West.
As ever and fuelled by paranoia, our Major becomes a Fox on the Run, as the mission takes a curious and dark turn. The target for Fox’s ex-filtration mission, the defector Cecil Blackburn is someone that raises troubling questions back at British Intelligence. There are suspicions raised about his motives for his return to the West.
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We were delighted that Jon provided our readers a little context as to the backdrop to the Grimwood thrillers - to read the full article click HERE

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