Monday, 3 March 2008

Julian Rathbone R.I.P.

1935 - 2008

It’s a sad start to the week when I have to report that the Booker Prize nominated author Julian Rathbone died last Thursday (28th Feb 2008) after a long illness. He was 73 years old. To quote Bob Cornwall from his interview with Julian: “Not too many crime, mystery or thriller writers, after all, can boast two nominations for the Booker Prize. None in fact. Throw in the narrative skills that have grown over the years in both complexity and clarity, great descriptive writing, and a collection of flesh and blood characters that it is always a pleasure to encounter. Then take into account a range of political concerns that reveal his position on the libertarian Left, and a cultural framework that takes him from Wellington back to Harold Godwin (the last English king) and from Monteverdi to James Crumley. It is a combination that has resulted in a body of work that is remarkable in its range and versatility.” That kind of sums him up.
I met Julian on many occasions and found him the perfect gentlemen, possessing a keen sense of humour. He would often be found at launches in his trademark hat which he wore with panache. A dash of individualism among the norm. He’ll be missed.
A further tribute to Julian will be online soon.
R.I.P. – Julian Rathbone.

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Martin Edwards said...

I'm really sorry to read this news, Mike. He was a fine writer.