Thursday, 7 July 2011

Forthcoming books to look forward to from Headline in August

88 Killer is the exciting second serial killer thriller from Oliver Stark - featuring series characters NYPD detective, Tom Harper, and police psychologist, Denise Levene.
Three unconnected crimes are about to be linked in the most chilling way imaginable. The abduction of a teenage girl, heading towards a bus stop. A woman shot, point-blank during a brutal robbery. A young man tortured, his body found wrapped in barbed wire. With nothing to indicate that the three are connected, NYPD detective Tom Harper and psychologist Denise Levene must look beyond the s urface to find a killer ’s true motivation. And they believe that they have found a murderer conditioned to hate and willing to go to any lengths to make his victims suffer. The killer has nothing to lose. Harper and Levene have one chance
to catch him. Sometimes hate is just the beginning . . .

You Belong to me by Karen Rose
When forensic pathologist Lucy Trask stumbles across a mutilated body by the chess tables in her local Baltimore park, its face so badly damaged it is unrecognisable, her sole concern is that it might be her old school teacher Mr Pugh. When the corpse is identified, Lucy is shocked to discover that the victim is actually another man from her past. Who killed him and why his skin is burnt with the number ‘1’ is unclear but it’s evident that someone is demanding Lucy’ s attention. The discovery of a second branded body raises worrying questions: how many more lives may be at r isk before the killer ’s final message is revealed? And can Lucy solve the killer’s gruesome puzzle before their thirst for revenge is complete?

Simon’s Spurrier's first novel, Contract, was published in 2007, and in A Serpent Uncoiled he returns with a bang with a wry, witty, utterly unique take on the classic private eye novel.
Dan Shaper’s sins are a sickness. Sharper is a former underworld enforcer who now scrapes a living as a private detective. So far, so conventional. He needs to straighten-up and rebuild his life however an emotional breakdown has left him with a tenuous grip on reality and his life is about to get a whole lot stranger… Razor sharp, dark and delusional, he’s tasked to prevent the murder of George Glass, an eccentric old man who knows he’s going to be killed but can’t remember why. Normally Sharper would recoil from Glass’s senile brand of New Age salvation, but the case is as tantalizing as it is lucrative. Adrift amidst liars and thugs, Sharper must push his capsizing mind beyond its limits: stalked not only by a unique and terrifying murderer, but by the ghosts of his own brutal past.

The Stranger you Seek by Amanda Kyle Williams

Keye Street is small, tough and a brilliant FBI agent – but she can’t handle her life. She’s a superb criminal profiler, with two university degrees and has been a rising star with the organization. She’s also attractive, tough and has brilliant instincts when it comes to reading criminal minds. Now Keye Street has set up on her own. She’ s a recovering alcoholic, an obsessive adrenalin junkie who surrounds herself with oddballs, who wants to sleep with her best friend but still sleeps with her ex-husband. She’ s potentially violent - and quite possibly dangerous. But in Atlanta, Georgia, there’s a serial killer on the loose, and the local police department need her to play their game!

Nine Inches by Bateman is one to look forward to in October!
Dan Starkey, the ducking and diving hapless investigator, takes centre stage again in this brilliant new novel by the award-winning master of comic crime. Radio shock-jock and self-styled people’s champion Jack Caramac is used to courting controversy – but when his four-year-old son is kidnapped for just one hour, and then sent back with a warning note, he knows he may have finally gone too far. Jack has no choice but to turn to Dan Starkey for help. Recently chucked by his long-suffering wife Patricia, Dan has finally given up on journalism and is now providing a boutique, bespoke service for important people with difficult problems. Dan resolves to catch whoever kidnapped Jack’s son - and very soon finds himself in the middle of a violent feud between rival drug gangs, pursued by jealous husbands, unscrupulous property developers and vicious killers as the case spirals ever more out of his control.

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