Friday, 1 June 2012

2012 Arthur Ellis Award Winners.

On 31 May 2012 at a banquet in Toronto, The Crime Writers of Canada announced the winners of the 2012 Arthur Ellis Awards. A full list of the nominees can be found here.

Best Novel:
Before the Poison by Peter Robinson (M&S)

Best Non-Fiction
Hot Art: Chasing Thieves and Detectives through the Secret World of Stolen Art by Joshua Knelman, (Douglas & McIntyre)

Best Juvenile/Young Adult
Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones (Candlewick Press/Random House)

Best First Novel
The Water Rat of Wanchai by Ian Hamilton (Spiderline/House of Anansi)

Best Short Story
What Kelly Did” by Catherine Astolfo (Northword Magazine)

Unhanged Arthur (Best Unpublished First Crime Novel)
Last of the Independents by Sam Wiebe

Best Crime Writing in French
La Chorale Du Diable by Martin Michaud (Les Éditions Guélette)

In addition, The Derrick Murdoch Award was given to Catherine Astolfo and Donald Graves (posthumously). The award is for special for contributions to the field.
Congratulations to all of the winners.


Cathy Astolfo said...

The Derrick Murdoch Awards were given to people who are very much alive, both Catherine Astolfo and Don Graves.

Alison E. Bruce said...

Don Graves is alive and reasonably well and reviewing books for the Hamilton Spectator.

Alison Bruce, Arthur Ellis Award Administrator