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Bodies in the Bookshop - July 2012

Every year readers and fans of crime fiction look forward to Bodies in the Bookshop the annual event that takes place in Heffers Bookshop Cambridge.  It is an event that has been taking place for over 20 years now and is organised by the terrific Richard Reynolds and his colleagues.  Over the years, the event has expanded as more fans of crime and mystery fiction have learnt about this brilliant event.  It has grown so big that the event now spills out on to the sidewalk of the shop.

This year Bodies, as it is fondly known as is due to take place on Saturday 14 July 2012. However, and much to my delight instead of it taking place in the evening for a couple of hours, it will be a whole day events kicking off at 10:00.  Furthermore, Heffers will be moving to the distinguished surroundings of the Cambridge Union.  But don’t worry as they will be bringing their brilliant bookshop along with them.

This year Bodies is also having a different slant to it.  There will still be a wide range and large number of crime writers in attendance but there will also be some themed panels as well.

The panels and the participants are as follows –

   Crime Through Time I
   Jane Finnis (Ancient Rome)
   Ruth Downie (Ancient Rome)
   Rory Clements (Tudor)
   Ros Barber (Marlowe papers)
   Crime Trough Time II
   Chris Nickson - 1730s Leeds
   Robin Blake - 1740s Preston
   Peter Moore - True Crime (mysterious murders in 1800s)
   Comic Cuts
   Len Tyler
   Suzette Hill
   Traditional Mysteries - Poison in the Parish
   Ann Purser
   Veronica Heley
   Rebecca Tope
   Jayne Marie Barker - 1930s
   Scene of the Crime
   Jim Kelly - Norfolk, Ely
   Alison Bruce - Cambridge
   Death in a Cold Climate - what to read after Steig Larsson
   Barry Forshaw
   Quentin Bates
   International Intrigue
   Roger Morris - 19th century / 1914 spies
   Edward Wilson - Spies - cold war - 1950s
   Adrian Magson - 1940s series, 1960s - spies/ France
   Experts in Murder
   Nicola Upson - 1940s
   Catriona McPherson - 1920s Scotland
   Sally Spedding - 1940s rural Wales

The programme of the panels are as below.

Crime Through Time I
Experts in Murder
12 noon
Poison in the Parish
Break for Lunch
Crime Through Time II
Scene of the Crime
International Intrigue
Comic Cuts
Death in a Cold Climate

More information can be found on the Bodies in the Bookshop blog and also have a look at their Facebook page.

Tickets for the whole day are £10 for adults and £7 for concessions. Available in Heffers, by calling 01223 463 200 or by emailing
Bodies in the Bookshop is always such good fun and this year with the addition of panels then it is bound to be a brilliant event! 

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