Wednesday, 10 April 2013

And it’s all down to Aunt Agatha

For those who missed the rare visit by Italian bestselling crime-writer Roberto Constantini at the Italian Cultural Institute in London yesterday, we have recorded a snippet of the interview with Barry Forshaw.

The event was very well attended, including Roberto’s translator N S Thompson, and our very own Ayo Onatade from Shots eZine and Crimespree Magazine

During the interview we learned that Roberto is extremely well read in the genre. He read a great deal of British and American crime fiction, especially as a youth, [and in the English Language]. He has particular fondness for who he terms his Aunt Agatha [Christie]. Though, it should be noted that THE DELIVERANCE OF EVIL is far from what we term the ‘cozy’ subgenre, for it is indeed a dark and gritty contemporary thriller, and one that will make you think.

This is what Jeffery Deaver considered of this slice of Italian Noir ‘One of those rare novels that brings together the best elements of literature: it is rich with fascinating political history, filled with brilliant psychological insight into all of the characters, and a nonstop thriller that drives readers relentlessly from first page to last. Bravo, Roberto Constantini!’

Roberto’s debut is being published in the UK under the title “The Deliverance of Evil” by Quercus, the publishers of Stieg Larsson.  The Deliverance of Evil is a remarkably dark thriller which starts against the backdrop of Italy winning  the World Cup in 1982 and concludes in 2006 just as they are about to be victorious again.  A vicious murderer who first struck twenty-four years earlier is waiting to kill again.  The author combines the plotting and pace of international crime with the poise and prowess of literary fiction, striating the narrative with topical political insight.

And here’s a teaser –

Roberto Constantini was born in Tripoli.  He is the manager of the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, where he also teaches on the MBA programme.

Barry Forshaw’s books include Nordic Noir, British Crime Film and Italian Cinema. Other books include Death in a Cold Climate: A Guide to Scandinavian Crime Fiction, The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction, The Greenwood Encyclopedia of British Crime Fiction and large sections of Directory of World Cinema: Italy. He writes for various newspapers and magazines and edits Crime Time

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Photos © 2013 Ali Karim [Top to Bottom]
Barry Forshaw and Roberto Constantini
Judith Forshaw and Ayo Onatade arrive early to get good seats
Roberto Constantini with translator N S Thompson

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