Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Criminal Activity in Cambridge

Mike Ripley and Richard Reynolds (crime buyer at Heffers)
We're delighted to hear of some very interesting events coming up at Heffers Bookstore - hope to see you there

Cambridge, Heffers: An Evening with James Runcie
Thursday, June 26th at 18:30 

James Runcie is at Heffers to celebrate the third part of his Grantchester series: Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil, published in May 2014. It is the 1960s and Canon Sidney Chambers is enjoying his first year of married life with his German bride Hildegard. But life in Grantchester rarely stays quiet for long. Our favourite clerical detective soon attempts to stop a serial killer who has a grievance against the clergy; investigates the disappearance of a famous painting after a distracting display of nudity by a French girl in an art gallery; uncovers the fact that an 'accidental' drowning on a film shoot may not have been so accidental after all; and discovers the reasons behind the theft of a baby from a hospital in the run-up to Christmas, 1963. In the meantime, Sidney wrestles with the problem of evil, attempts to fulfil the demands of Dickens, his faithful Labrador, and contemplates, as always, the nature of love. Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death is being adapted for television and will run as Grantchester, a six part series in the autumn of 2014. The production company is Lovely Day, the writer is Daisy Coulam and filming will take place in Grantchester and London in April/May 2014. Tickets from: https://james-runcie.eventbrite.co.uk

Cambridge Heffers: What's Your Poison' Summer Crime party
Thursday July 17th 6.30pm 

Book a convivial evening to die for by joining us for Pimms, strawberries and poisonous quizzes and make murder your business in the company of crime authors: Stephen Booth, John Harvey, Jim Kelly, Mandy Morton, Peter Murphy, Christine Poulson, Kate Rhodes, Imogen Robertson, Nicola Upson and others. Tickets from: http://summer-crime-party.eventbrite.co.uk

Venue: Heffers Bookshop, 20 Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TY Tel 01223-463222.

Photo (c) 2012 A Karim

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