Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Michael Jecks - 36 and not out.

From the quill of Michael Jecks...

"On Thursday 4th June, BLOOD ON THE SAND will be published. It’s the second in the trilogy about the Hundred Years War, and a sequel to FIELDS OF GLORY. Where FIELDS was about the grand march that led to the battle of Crécy, BLOOD is about the siege of Calais, the battle to hold the Scottish invasion, a siege in Champagne … and quite a lot more besides. It’s less of a crime novel and more of a spy and warfare story which we (my editor and I) have high hopes for. So, if you are interested in a thumping great exciting book for the beach this summer, order your copy now!

It’ll be available in trade paperback and in all ebook formats.

If you would like a little taster, if you go to my page at you will find a link to THE BOY’S REVENGE, which is a free short story based on one of the characters in the book, but which also includes the first few chapters of BLOOD ON THE SAND, so you can download the short and get a free taster of the novel too. 

Have a great summer and happy reading!"

You can buy your copy here

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