Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Michael Kurland introduces his new novel TOO SOON DEAD

Author Michael Kurland is best known for writing both detective and science fiction novels. He has edited three themed anthologies of Sherlock Holmes short stories, My Sherlock Holmes (stories narrated by characters other than Watson or Holmes), Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (stories set during the period in which Holmes was supposed to be dead) and Sherlock Holmes: the American Years (stories set in the time between Holmes' graduation from university and his meeting Dr. Watson. His novels The Plague of Spies and The Infernal Devices were nominated for an Edgar Award for Best paperback Original Mystery in 1970 and 1980 respectively.
There’s a joke they tell about a man running into his friend in the lobby of the old New York Daily Mirror. “Frank,” the man says, “what are you doing here?”...
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Too Soon Dead published by Titan Books Pbk £7.99 November 17, 2015
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