Sunday, 8 November 2015

Where ‘Crime & Mystery’ meets ‘Horror & the Weird’

Over at The Rap Sheet, there is an interesting interview feature with the award-winning cult horror writer Conrad Williams, discussing his crime-fiction debut novel Dust and Desire.

And then earlier this year, before I had to turn so much attention to my programming duties for 
Bouchercon 2015, I attended the latest Crimefest convention in Bristol, England. While there, I was drawn to one event that I eventually mentioned in my report for The Rap Sheet

There was also a very interesting Spotlight Session featuring horror writer-turned-crime fictionist Conrad Williams (Dust and Desire), who talked about the line that separates--or binds--those two literary genres. Not surprisingly, Nic Pizzolatto’s TV series, True Detective, merited a mention, as many of us are awaiting the start of its Season 2 with impatience and expectation.

I was already then planning a panel discussion for Bouchercon in Raleigh titled “Where Crime & Mystery Meet Horror & the Weird,” to be moderated by my dear friend Nanci Kalanta, so I had a professional interest in hearing what Williams had to say. Well, this bloke knew his mustard, as the saying goes. He was erudite and well-read, and his analysis of the subject flowed down the same pathways as my own. After the event, I went up to thank Williams for his part in the presentation and said that I would pick up one of his novels in the convention book room. (I was embarrassed to admit to a complete unfamiliarity with his work, which I later learned has a distinct cult following). He smiled at my enthusiasm, and then said, “You’re Ali, aren’t you?” In response to my nod he continued, “You probably don’t remember, but I e-mailed you several months ago--via a mutual friend--that I was wondering if you’d be interested in reading my first crime novel.” And then the penny dropped.

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