Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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La Bòbila reports the Spanish Crime Fiction Awards in 2010.
The Pepe Carvalho Award to the Spanish writer Andreu Martín is not included here, the award ceremony will take place in 2011.
Premio L'H Confidencial 2010, premio internacional de novela negra: Caminos cruzados, (Cross Roads) Erlantz Gamboa (Roca)
Premio Pepe Carvalho: Ian Rankin
IV Premio internacional de novela negra "Ciudad de Carmona": La Frontera Sur, (Carmona City: The Southern Border) José Luis Muñoz (Almuzara)
III Premi Crims de Tinta: Negres tempestes, (Black Tempest) Teresa Solana (La Magrana)Premi Ferran Canyameres de Novel•la: Detalls culinaris, de Josep Torrent (Pagès)
Premios Brigada 21
Best novel written in Spanish (Catalan): Emulsió de ferro, (Emulsió of ferro) Sebastià Jovani (La Magrana)
Best novel translated to Spanish (Catalan): La dona de verd, (Silence of the Grave) Arnaldur Indridason (La Magrana)
Best first novel: Tarde, mal y nunca, (Better Late than Never) Carlos Zanón (Saymon)
Best novel in Spanish (Castilian): La playa de los ahogados, (Death on a Galician Shore) Domingo Villar (Siruela)
Best novel translated to Spanish (Castilian): El poder del perro, (The Power of the Dog) Don Winslow (Mondadori)
Florenci Clavé Award to the best book cover: Trago Amargo, (Bitter Drink) F.G. Haggenbeck (Roca)
Premio Dashiell Hammett: Ciudad Santa, (Holy City) Guillermo Orsi (Almuzara)
XII Premio Francisco García Pavón: Frío de muerte (Cold Death), Manuel Nonídez (Rey Lear)
VIII Premio Novelpol: El poder del perro, Don Winslow (Mondadori)
XIV Premio Ciudad de Getafe de Novela Negra: No hay perro que viva tanto, (No Dog Live as Long) Francisco Balbuena (Edaf)
Premio internacional de novela negra RBA 2010: Live Wire, Harlan Coben (RBA)

Thanks to Mystery Fanfare for the information

There is an excellent interview with crime critic Barry Forshaw on Five Books about Film Noir.

Fans of espionage and The Wire should toddle in down to Killer Reads where there is an excellent interview between Dominic West and Charles Cummings whose latest book Trinity Six will be published next year (February 2011). Dominic West will be helping in the promotion of Trinity Six which has already been rteceiving rave reviews from reviewers.

What more can one say about the phenomenon that is Stieg Larsson? The Telegraph has a piece on the real life murder case that is said to have inspired Larsson.

The Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel has been awarded to Cut and Run by Alix Bosco. The Award was originally scheduled to be given in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday September 10 at Christchurch Writers Festival but had to be postponed until Tuesday 30 November 2010.

Congratulations also go to Daniel Woodrell whose 2006 novel Winter'sa Bone has won the Best Film Award at the Gotham Film Festival. Winter’s Bone also won the 2010 Sundance Grand Jury Prize.

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