Thursday, 19 July 2012

Val McDermid and Jane Austen pair off!!!

Fans of Jane Austen and  Val McDermid   will be pleased to learn that in Spring 2014 HarperFiction will publish a contemporary re-working of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey by Crime Writer Val McDermid.

Shots were delighted to receive the press release below from HarperFiction!

HarperFiction announces the latest pairing in the Austen series: Val McDermid & Northanger Abbey 

Val McDermid is to write a contemporary re-working of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey – the latest author to be confirmed in this major series.

Louisa Joyner and Julia Wisdom have acquired World All Language rights from Jane Gregory in Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid as part of a series of six novels teaming up authors of global literary significance with Jane Austen’s six complete works. This, the latest book in the series, is planned for publication in Spring 2014. 

Louisa Joyner, Editorial Director, said: ‘There is so much scope for reinvention in this often misunderstood novel and the idea of Val McDermid breathing life into it by bringing her literary expertise as the pre-eminent crime writer to re-ignite the novel’s fear factor is incredibly exciting.  Our stated aim is to create a series where each novel is a publishing event in its own right, and Val McDermid firmly establishes these partnerships as a literary force to be reckoned with.’

Julia Wisdom, Publisher, Crime & Thriller, said: ‘What bliss – a novel that brings together two of my all-time favourite authors, Jane Austen and Val McDermid.   It’s a mouth-watering prospect, not least because we can expect the unexpected from Val, a genius at creating suspense, a plotter par excellence and a crime writer whose creative imagination and versatility are second to none.  I have no doubt that Northanger Abbey as re-imagined by Val McDermid is going to be wonderful, and we are all thrilled to be publishing it.’

Val McDermid’s comment: 'I was surprised and delighted to be asked to come up with a contemporary take on Northanger Abbey. Well, actually, I was gobsmacked, but that's obviously not the sort of word you'd find in the pages of Jane Austen. I've always enjoyed Austen's work, not least because it still feels relevant to our lives, and Northanger Abbey offers tantalizing possibilities to a modern writer. It's lively, satirical and holds out the opportunity for a genuine frisson of fear. I've always enjoyed challenging myself in my writing, and this will definitely make demands on my imagination and my craft. I can't wait to get started.' 

HarperFiction publishes Joanna Trollope’s Sense & Sensibility  in Autumn 2013 to launch the series. Curtis Sittenfeld’s Pride & Prejudice will be published in Autumn 2014. Conversations are ongoing as to the other literary pairings and further announcements will follow.

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