Tuesday 27 December 2022

Forthcoming Books from Muswell Press

March 2023 

Private Lessons is by Bernard O'Keeffe. An Autumnal Sunday morning, a hungover jogger stumbles across a dead body, covered in blood, in Barnes Old Common Cemetery, a long-abandoned Gothic graveyard frequented by druggies and drunkards.The victim has spent the summer working in Italy for the wealthy Rivetti family, who appear have something to hide, as do his bosses at the high-end Forum Tutorial Agency. And, why are his old friends, who he'd been partying with the night before, quite so reticent when questioned? Enter D I Garibaldi, the Met's only non-driving, country music loving detective. His first step, to unravel the complex workings of the private tuition company, the Forum Agency.

April 2023

In the Essex marshlands twelve women are found abandoned in the back of a truck. Armed with knives but with nothing to say, except Grace. She will only speak to Dr Stanley Low. Brought iin to assist the Met, Low finds himself dealing with a global trafficking ring and a high profile billionaire. As one by one his witnesses are killed off, he has no choice but to return to Singapore to examine the darkest corners of the Asian city in his hunt for the raffickers. He must hurry. Another truck is being prepared. Another twelve , vulnerable women are being groomed. Low can only find them if he uncovers the ugliest of truths. Lost Women is by Neil Humphreys.

Murder by Natural Causes is by Helen Erichsen. Cilla is a 22 year old contract killer, specialising in the dry job: a murder interpreted as death by natural causes. Neither strong, nor beautiful, she isn't your typical female protagonist. In fact, she is so unremarkable as to render her almost invisible, an advantage n her line of work. Cilla has survived because she is clever, stubborn and lucky. Plus, the weapons training and lessons on poison at the elite Academy 43 have stood her in good stead. But statistically her luck is bound to run out. She must find away to reinvent herself soon. Cilla also knows that her main client Valdimir Haugr, would rather kill her than let her go. Will Cilla be able to reinvent herself? And if so, at what cost? 

June 2023

Second Skin is by Dugald Bruce-Lockhart. Five years after witnessing murder of the Aegean Island of Paros, Alistair Haston receives a call from Athens, from a man claiming to be his son's grandfather, but Alistair has no knowledge of a son … until now. Desperate to find out more, he heads to Greece to find Amara, a wealthy ex-girlfriend. On arrival he is ambushed by MI6 agents, who confirm the existence of his son Max, and reveal that he is the target of a kidnap plot by Greek Mafia. Shaken but determined to find Amara and Max. Alistair relucantly agrees to help the British and Greek authorities. But there are so many questions to be ansered. Is Max really his son? What is the role of Xander, Amara's playboy husband? How ivolved is Amara's seedy half-brother? Who ultimately can Alisair trust? As the hase to find the kidnappers moves from Athens to Zakynthos, and on to Cyprus, in the searing heat, it dawns on Alistair, that this abduction could well be related to that deadly summer on Paros five years previously. 

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