Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Special Relationship: American Noir vs the British Golden Age Thriller

The end of a Crime Fiction convention is always a melancholic affair; following a few intense days, the lack of sleep and over indulgence in Gin takes its toll coupled to saying farewell to friends and colleagues. The Crimefest organisers Adrian Muller, Myles Allfrey and Programming Chair Donna Moore always ensure the last event is one that lifts the spirits. In 2016, we all left after much laughter thanks to Mike Ripley and Peter Guttridge’s SORRY I HAVEN’T A CLUEDO which is archived Here.

Crimefest 2017 was no exception with the amusing American Noir vs the British Golden Age Thriller with writer / critics Barry Forshaw representing the US and Mike Ripley representing the UK and Peter Guttridge representing NATO and keeping the peace.

I predict that Ripley’s KISS KISS BANG BANG and Forshaw’s American Noir will feature heavily in competition in the Non-Fiction categories of all major international awards for Crime, Mystery and Thriller Fiction next year. 

During Crimefest 2014 Barry Forshaw, Mike Ripley and Peter Guttridge presented an enlightening and amusing overview of the British Golden Age thriller, which we recorded and archived HERE and is well worth a view, with a few chuckles.

Shots were delighted to be given permission by the Crimefest Organisers as well as Mike Ripley, Peter Guttridge and Barry Forshaw to film the closing panel American Noir vs the British Golden Age Thriller – in our usual ‘gonzo’ style.

It is split into five sections, though we will leave Part One till the end as the camera picture for some reason was not as sharp as the other sections, but is watchable.
So pour yourself a generous measure of Bombay Gin, and view the American Noir vs the British Golden Age Thriller

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part One

More information about Mike Ripley’s KISS KISS, BANG BANG available from HarperCollins Here and Shots Magazine Here

More information about Barry Forshaw’s AMERICAN NOIR available from Pocket Essentials Here and Shots Magazine Here

If you’ve enjoyed this presentation, then we’d urge you to explore the work of these key writer/literary [and film] critics.

Their body of work can be purchased [with discounts] from the Shots Bookstore –

Barry Forshaw’s work is available here

Mike Ripley’s work is available here

Peter Guttridge’s work is available here

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