Monday, 22 January 2007

Death of Diana - now comes the book

The biggest thrillers of all time - The Day of the Jackal and The Da Vinci Code built their conspiracy plots around real historical events. So it was inevitable that the death of Princess Diana would get the same treatment.

In July, the month before the 10th anniversary of the Paris crash, Transworld will publish The Accident Man by Tom Cain (the pseudonym of a "well-known investigative journalist"). The book stars an assassin who ordinarily targets "bad people", but who realises, after engineering a car accident, that he has been set up to murder the royal. The branch of Waterstone's at Harrods - the store owned by Dodi Fayed's father, Mohamed Al Fayed - has not yet decided whether to stock the book.

I really wish we could get over this obsession with Princess Diana. !0 years on and the media still keeps her in the public eye. Okay, I felt sad when she died, it was a big loss; not just of a member of the Royal family but primarily of a wife and mother. But being a cynical old bugger, I remember at the time wondering who would be first to write a conspiracy-based factional account. There is even a website devoted to the conspiracy.

And as the enquiry finally reports that is was an accident, four million pounds of tax payer’s money wasted, what can we expect next? The film of the book? And don’t talk about bad taste. We’ve had adaptations of the crucifixion of Christ, the last days of Hilter, the atrocities in Rwanda, and both World Wars filmed from everyone’s perspective. Let her Rest in Peace.

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