Wednesday, 17 January 2007


I was sitting at home flicking through the cable channels and came across The Birds. It's been some time since I’d last seen it, so I settled in with a glass of the old Malt whisky and allowed old Scratch to take me on a cinematic ride. Admittedly, the effects look a little dated now, and what with all the Hollywood remakes going on, and the advancement in CGI, I wondered how a remake would fare today.

Then I got to thinking why hasn’t there been a film with Hitchcock as a character? Some biopic on the lad from Leytonstone, East London making good would be of great interest. But then, lo and behold, I found out that there is a film about to go into production with Hitchcock as a character set in 1922 at the time he was making Number 13, a rare film in that he did not complete it.

First time feature filmmaker Chase Palmer, who also penned the script, gathers an impressive cast including Dan Fogler, Ewan McGregor, Ben Kingsley, and Emily Mortimer for this fictional thriller about a torrid murder mystery in which the prime suspect is director Alfred Hitchcock (Fogler).

As Hitchcock struggles to keep the production on his latest film "Number Thirteen" afloat, he becomes inexorably involved in a love triangle involving two key crew members. When the male lead of the film turns up dead and the editor suspects that the director was involved in the murder, the race is on to solve the crime before the killer can strike again.

The film will be financed by Union Square Entertainment, whose principals, Jason Berk and Matt Lane, will produce with Gail Mutrux. Shooting begins in February 2007..

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