Friday, 12 January 2007


Winner of Japan's Naoki Prize (with 500,000 copies sold there) Keigo Higashino's THE DEVOTION OF SUBJECT X, the story of a shy math teacher obsessed with his beautiful neighbour -- and with covering up the crime he knows she has committed, will be published by St. Martin’s (US).

Michael Genelin's LADY OF THE WATERS and BLACK DREAMS, featuring a female commander of the Slovak police force who has lived through great conflict -- including a regime change, and an ill-fated marriage to a revolutionary -- in order to become a legendary homicide investigator, to Soho Press.
Putman (US) has picked up Luis Miguel Rocha's THE LAST POPE, classed as a thriller is about the suspicious death of Pope John Paul I and the many secrets of the Vatican.

Did you know that Gyles Brandreth is an expert on Oscar Wilde? No, nor did I. But he is and he has written the first book in the Oscar Wilde Mystery series entitled Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders, to be published by John Murray. Gyles is better known in the UK as a game show host and an after dinner speaker.

Murdered former spy Alexander Litvinenko's BLOWING UP RUSSIA: The Secret Plot to Bring Back KGB Terror, written with Yuri Felshtinsky, has been sold to Martin Rynja at Gibson Square, for publication in January 2007.

Author of THE COLLABORATOR OF BETHLEHEM Matt Beynon Rees's A GRAVE IN GAZA, the second in a series featuring Palestinian investigator Omar Yussef, who learns firsthand that "every crime in Gaza is connected to every other crime" as he navigates amongst various corrupt political factions for the release of his kidnapped colleague, has been snapped up by Soho Press.

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