Saturday, 13 January 2007

Tartan Noir

"A welcome member of the Tartan Noir Pack," says Val McDermid.

Alex Gray's debut, THE RIVERMAN has been likened to Ian Rankin: "Brings Glasgow to life in the same way Ian Rankin evoked Edinburgh," says the Daily Mail.

The novel features a dynamic new Scottish detective named DCI Lorimer who is drawn into an investigation that encompasses Glasgow to New York and rural America. It is published this April from Sphere books in the UK complete with the Rankin-esque cover.
Addenda 15/1/07

Allan Guthrie emailed me to point out an error in my post on Alex Gray. He said,
“Just thought I'd mention that Alex Gray and DCI Lorimer debuted in 2003! This one may well be the first with her new publisher (previously she was at Allison & Busby and, before that, Canongate).”

Thanks for putting me right, Allan. So I had to investigate this and found out that Alex had written about DCI Lorimer in Never Somewhere Else (Canongate) 2003, A Small Weeping (A&B) 2004 and Shadow of Sounds (A&B) May 2006. The Riverman is being published by Sphere.

And the conclusion? Never wholly trust publicity handouts.

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