Saturday, 13 January 2007

Marcus Barr's debuts with HAGGARD HAWK

The name Marcus Barr may not register immediately with readers but the UK author is best-known for his TV scripts shown on satellite channels in Britain and all over the world. In fact, he was script editor for the BBC and contributed to such classics as Z Cars, The Brothers and Duchess of Duke Street. With several stage plays, radio and literally hundreds of television scripts under his belt, Barr has written his first novel, Haggard Hawk published by Pen Press this April.

Whereas most first time authors manage to get quotes from fellow writers, naturally Barr gets his from actors. Both John Nettles of Inspector Barnaby and Bergerac fame and former Dr Who, Colin Baker grace the pages.

The shoutline for Haggard Hawk is: an English Country Crime Novel with a Sharp Edge, Sharp Wit and a Big Central Character.

Hawk is a retired policeman and is thrown into investigative mode when driving home one night from a party he comes across a brutal murder.

Pen Press are the same outfit who publish Colin Campbell.

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