Saturday, 13 January 2007

James Twining's third Tom Kirk Thriller

The third of James Twining's Tom Kirk thrillers working title is The Napoleon Seal (this will change, James says) and it sees Tom reunited with Jennifer Browne. She is investigating a New York art forgery ring while Tom has uncovered a plot to stage a daring heist from the Louvre by former rival Milo. As the two cases come together, they uncover a two hundred year old conspiracy to cover-up a shocking crime. The previous Kirk thrillers are The Double Eagle and The Black Sun. Congratulations to James and his wife on the birth of their daughter, Jemima.
James recently wrote an article on writing The Black Sun on the SHOTS website. It starts:
Worryingly, I first had the idea for The Black Sun in a dream. A man, an Auschwitz survivor, was murdered in his hospital bed, his killers hacking off his arm to get hold of his concentration camp tattoo. The next morning I jotted down what I could remember on a scrap of paper, stuffed it in a drawer, and thought nothing more of it.

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