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Inspector Steine Ep 1/6. Transmition date Friday 26 January 11.30am-12.00noon BBC RADIO 4

Tune into BBC RADIO 4 (available on the net as well) as publishing sensation Lynne Truss returns to her first love – radio – with this irresistible comedy-drama series set in her home city of Brighton at a time when both piers were still standing. The cast includes Michael Fenton Stevens as Inspector Steine (pronounce it Steen) and Jan Ravens as Mrs Groynes, with Matt Green (Twitten) and John Ramm (Brunswick)..
Brighton in the Fifties was a place of knickerbocker glories, theatrical landladies, end-of-the-pier shows, seaside photographers and an enormous number of unsolved crimes. And just why were so many crimes unsolved in Brighton during the Fifties? Step forward celebrity policeman Inspector Steine.
Steine believed there wasn't a crime problem in Brighton because he'd wiped all the villains out at a single stroke on 12 June 1951, the day of the so-called Middle Street Massacre, when 17 local hoodlums met in Middle Street and gunned each other to death.
A film was made of the massacre which turned Inspector Steine into an overnight sensation; thousands tuned into his radio broadcasts. However, Steine's long-suffering sergeant, Brunswick, remembers things differently. He recalls that it wasn't Steine who arranged the shoot-out because, at the time, he was with him eating knickerbocker glories in the local ice-cream parlour. But then if it wasn't Steine, who was it?
The cast throughout the series also includes Carla Mendonca, David Holt, Michael Roberts, Allan Corduner, Carolyn Backhouse, Jason Hughes, Kim Wall, Janet Ellis and Ewan Bailey. Producer is Karen Rose. With music by Anthony May.
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