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Criminal splatterings!!! Film news from the Sundance Film Festival and more!!

Sundance Film News -
According to Deadline News, it looks as if David Fincher is thinking about being involved with the filming of the bestselling novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  The novel was acquired in a seven figure deal by 20th Century Fox and is to be produced by Pacific Standard’s Reese Witherspoon.  The first draft of the screenplay has been written by the author.  Not surprisingly, two of Flynn’s other books are in the works as movie projects.  Dark Places which has Amy Adams attached to it and Sharp Objects. Fincher is still on board to continue with the Stieg Larsson series.

James Franco has announced that he is to direct and star in the adaptation of James Ellroy’s American Tabloid.  According to Deadline News the adaptation is still in the early stages.  American Tabloid follows five years in the lives of three ex-law enforcement officers embroiled in shady interconnected Washington dealings that lead to President Kennedy’s 1963 assassination.  It is not the first time attempts have been made to adapt American Tabloid. Blood’s A Rover the third book in the trilogy is currently been developed with Ellroy as the executive producer.

Kill Your Darlings, which features Daniel Radcliffe and is the untold story of a murder that brought together a young Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs is according to Deadline News close to having a deal done by Sony Pictures Classics covering multiple territories. 

If you haven’t yet seen the poster  for Danny Boyle’s new film Trance see below –

Trance, is a psychological thriller starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel and centres on "a fine art auctioneer, mixed up with a criminal gang, who join forces with a hypnotherapist to recover a lost painting.". Trance is due in the cinema in the UK on March 27.

It looks as if Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to star in the adaptation of Inherent ViceInherent Vice is a noir tale, set in 1969 Los Angeles, and is based on Thomas Pynchon's 2009 novel about a weed-smoking private detective on a kidnapping case.

With British crime dramas on a high another film to look out for is All Things To All Men, staring Gabriel Byrne, Rufus Sewell and Toby Stephens.  Stephens plays Riley, a professional thief, who's hired to pull off "the ultimate sting"  only to find himself caught between maverick cop Parker (Sewell) and crime lord Corso (Byrne). With Parker determined to bring down Corso, the sting going wrong and the stakes get higher and higer.  All Things To Men is out in the UK on 8 March.

Another film to look out for is The Liability,  a British gangster film featuring Tim Roth who plays a ruthless hit-man.  The Liability follows the tale of a teenager who is taken under Roth’s wing as he tries to earn some money to pay back his father. The Liability is out in the UK on 22 February 2013.  The trailer can be seen below.

According to Denzel Washington and Mark Whalberg are staring in the action thriller 2 Guns which is an adaptation based on Steven Grant's graphic novel of the same name.  2 Guns is a pulp story a man named Trench who has targeted a local bank to rob and asked another thief named Steadman in on the job.  Trench figures it's a great way to score – considering it's a cover for mob money.  They'll be thieves ripping off thieves.  But what Steadman doesn't know is that Trench is a DEA agent.  And what Trench doesn't know is that Steadman's got his own secret and isn't who he appears to be...  2 Guns is due out in August 2013.

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