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Crime E-Books from Bastei Entertainment

Netwars/Out of CTRL
M. Sean Coleman
Out now
Scott Mitchell is a reformed criminal hacker, by day working for a government agency to prevent cyber-crime. At night, he stalks the Deep Web undercover as Strider, anonymously executing criminals who have breached his personal Code. But after taking out Anthony Prince, the corrupt head of security firm PrinceSec with a nasty penchant for preteen girls, Mitchell realises that his target was part of a bigger, more dangerous group of cyber criminals than he imagined. Links emerge between Prince and an organisation of highly skilled and extremely dangerous hackers. With national security threatened, lives at stake, and Mitchell’s undercover alias jeopardised, the race is on to stop the hackers before it’s too late.

The Code is a serial eBook novel published as part of Netwars, a cross-platform project following a group of hackers dealing with the impending threat of digital warfare between cyber terrorists and governments. The sixth and final episode was published last Friday, so if you haven’t started reading The Code yet, it’s time to catch up now! The first episode is available here.

As well as the six eBooks published weekly, there will also be three graphic novel apps and a web documentary. The eBooks can be read in addition to the other products, or independently. M. Sean Coleman is a British writer of film and television drama, a novelist, and an award-winning writer and producer of cross-platform drama and reality series. He started his career as a writer working for Douglas Adams on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Online and is also the author of the Netwars graphic novel app The Butterfly Attack.

Anyone who likes William Boyd and Robert Harris will appreciate this book.”
a page-turner right to the end
Amazon reviewers
Cotton FBI
Episode 11 – Death on Order
Peter Mennigen
Out now
When Peter Warren opened the door to a pizza delivery man standing on his porch, he thought that it was a mix-up; he hadn't ordered a pizza that evening. Then, instead of a pizza, the man pulled a taser out of the insulated transport box. The last things Warren saw were drill bits, needles, and surgical instruments. Over a period of few months, several people have fallen victim to a sadistic crime – not killed immediately, but fallen into comas due to brain injuries and dying later on. The victims had nothing in common, except for one thing: they were all organ donors, and the last two victims had rare genetic profiles. A false set of documents is prepared for Cotton, making him look like the perfect organ donor. They insert it into the national databank of the country’s healthcare system. At the home address listed, Cotton awaits the killer…

Full of suspense and drama…Great stuff” The Sun

The Cotton FBI series reinvents the hugely popular Jerry Cotton novels, which were first published in 1954. Jerry Cotton, the world famous fictional detective, is reborn as Jeremiah Cotton in an eBook series created specifically for the digital reader. Packed full of suspense and drama, Cotton FBI is set in the dark underbelly of New York and tells the story of one man’s mission to fight crime at any cost. Each episode is written by a different acclaimed German crime author, including Mario Giordano, author of the award-winning Black Box, which was adapted into the film Das Experiment, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The episodes are published fortnightly, and can be read as standalones though they are part of a series. Death on Order is available here and the first episode of Cotton FBI is available here.

Cherringham: A Cosy Crime Series
Episode 7 – The Body in the Lake
Matthew Costello and Neil Richards
Out now
The Parish Council has invited Laurent Bourdain, mayor of a French village on the Brittany coast, to a gala reception to join the two villages in a mutually beneficial 'twinning'. The party is held at Lady Repton's manor house, which her Grandson hopes to turn into a world-class conference centre. An elaborate dinner worthy of the French dignitary has been prepared. But as the night wears on, and the wine flows, the mayor vanishes from the celebration, only to be found floating dead in the nearby lake. It appears to be an accident, until Jack and Sarah start to piece together what really happened...

Comparisons with Midsomer Murders are inevitable, but Cherringham comes out on top when it comes to originality and – probably most crucially – the avoidance of irritating stereotypes” – Killing Time Crime

Cherringham is a “cosy crime” series of twelve self-contained episodes, featuring sleuth duo local single mother Sarah Edwards and retired NYPD detective Jack Brennan. It is written by award-winning game and TV writers, UK-based Neil Richards and US-based Matthew Costello in a transatlantic collaboration – which mirrors that of Jack and Sarah. The fictional village of Cherringham is set in the Cotswolds; each episode is published monthly, and can be read as a series or as a standalone. The Body in the Lake is available here, and the first episode of Cherringham, Murder on Thames is available here.

One Trillion Dollars
Andreas Eschbach
15th August 2014

John Salvatore was a poor pizza delivery boy, until he inherits a fortune. Owing to interest on interest on interest on an investment made 500 years ago by his ancestor Giacomo Fontanelli, the amount comes to one trillion dollars. John is now the richest man alive. He buys a Ferrari. He negotiates with the Italian Minister of Finance. A Cardinal comes to petition at his door. But how to spend his money wisely? An ancient prophecy of Giacomo Fontanelli tells that the youngest Fontanelli heir will return to humanity its lost future in the 20th century. A mysterious stranger contacts him, claiming to know about the prophecy and how to fulfil it. But is this his real intention, or is the money merely a means for world domination. A gripping financial thriller from one of the most successful German sci-fi writers alive today.

Andreas Eschbach is an award-winning German sci-fi and fantasy author. Two of his books, The Carpet Makers and Lord of All Things have been published in English. He lives with his wife in Brittany, France.

For more information on any of the above eBooks, or review copies, please contact Emma Draude or Sophie Goodfellow at ed public relations on 020 8299 4541 or email emma@edpr.co.uk or sophie@edpr.co.uk

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