Friday 13 January 2023

Rebus: A Game Called Malice

 Six characters in search of a solution…

The world premiere of REBUS: A GAME CALLED MALICE is at Queen's Theatre Hornchurch 2nd - 25th February. Written exclusively for the stage by Ian Rankin and Simon Read

Directed by award winner Robin Lefevre with the lead role played by John Michie, best known for his roles as DI Robbie Ross in STV’s Taggart and Karl Munro in ITV’s Coronation Street. Michie will be joined by Rebecca Charles, Billy Hartman, Emily Joyce, Forbes Masson and Emma Noakes

A splendid dinner party concludes with a game created by the hostess. A murder in a stately home needs to be solved. Suspects, clues and red herrings await… but the dinner-party guests have secrets of their own, threatened by the very game they are playing. And among them is Inspector John Rebus. True crime is his calling – is he playing an alternative game, one to which only he knows the rules? There is danger with every twist and turn – and a shocking discovery will send this game called Malice hurtling towards a gasp-inducing conclusion...

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