Thursday, 19 April 2012

More brief crime fiction news

Last bits of news from the London Book Fair -

Constable & Robinson have picked up Origins of Love by 2010 Costa Prize-winner Kishwar Desai. It is said to be a literary thriller tackling the international surrogacy market and fertility tourism. 

Orbit have picked up Francis Knight's novel Fade to Black which is set in Mahala a city built up in layers, not across - where streets are built upon streets, and buildings balance precariously upon buildings.  Knight's main protagonist is a bounty hunter. 

Reviver by Seth Patrick has been bought by Macmillan. Reviver is set in a world where forensic intelligence can get the dead to speak again.  It is said to be a nail-biting supernatural thriller.

Elizabeth Wilson's debut novel The Girl in Berlin has been sold  to Serpent's Tail. Featuring Russian agent Anthony Blunt it is located in the desperate world of post World War Two Berlin.  Alison Fell's literary crime story/romance set in Crete The Element-Inth in Greek has been bought by Standstone Press.

Angry Robert Books have announced that they will be launching a new crime fiction imprint to be known as Exhibit A. The imprint will launch in late Spring 2013, with two titles appearing in each of the first two months, before settling down to one book each month.  The imprint will be run by Emlyn Rees.

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