Thursday 10 October 2013

Brendan DuBois Resurrected

For me, one of the delights of attending Bouchercon, is to meet the writers that were behind the novels that pepper my life, books that startled me, books that made me think and books that entertained me – and perhaps challenged the way I view reality.

One great pleasure was not only to meet Brendan Dubois, but actually spend time with him. We first met briefly on a stairwell at Bouchercon Indianapolis, but in Albany we even got to share a panel together on Private Eye Fiction last month. 

I got to thank him for the wonderful novel Resurrection Day which I read over a decade ago, and was just blown away. Brendan is not that well known in the UK, but it was the cover that caught my eye, and the tag line "Everyone remembers exactly what they were doing the day President Kennedy tried to kill them."

I’m not the only one captivated by this chilling alternate history thriller as Publisher’s Weekly reported on release in 1999 -

In his first novel outside of his acclaimed Lewis Cole mystery series (Shattered Sand, Forecasts, Feb. 15, etc.), DuBois delivers an alternate-history thriller that deserves to be as popular as Robert Harris's Fatherland. DuBois postulates an America that has been politically devastated by a nuclear exchange arising from the Cuban missile crisis. It's now 1972. Washington, D.C., is a radioactive crater; Nelson Rockefeller is running for president against George McGovern; and Boston Globe reporter Carl Landry is investigating the shooting death of a 60-year-old retired serviceman. Warned off the story after it gets spiked by the military's in-house censor, and emboldened by Sandra Price, a beautiful reporter from the London Times, Landry keeps digging at Swenson's past. What he uncovers is the truth behind the rumors of what really happened in the White House as the missile crisis spun out of control--and evidence of an unholy alliance that is poised to reverse the course of American history. From cryptic references to post-bomb chaos in California to clever reworkings of '60s history (e.g., antidraft demonstrators chanting, ""Hell, no, we won't glow!""), DuBois creates a sobering and imaginatively detailed vision of an America that has been crippled by tragedy--a nation where John F. Kennedy was not the King Arthur of Camelot but its Mordred, the man who brought down everything. One of DuBois's many brilliant touches is an underground of diehard Kennedy supporters who scrawl the graffiti ""He Lives"" on every available surface, because they believe that JFK was not only innocent, but is still alive and broadcasting from a pirate radio station. Cohesively plotted and smoothly written, steadily exciting and rife with clever conceits, this is what-if thriller fiction at its finest. Foreign rights sold in the U.K., Germany and Holland. (June)

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And here’s a flavour of what the novels holds for the reader

I told him that I couldn't believe that RESURRECTION DAY was out of print, and he smiled telling me he was just about to re-release it, so I asked him to let me know as soon as he had details - as I know many have missed this stunning novel. On return to the UK Brendan was true to his word and he gave me details on the re-release.

I urge you to explore this remarkable novel, and Shots Ezine bookstore is making it available via Amazon UK for the low price of £1.90 for a digital download to Kindle or the Kindle app on Iphone. Follow the links below or go to

The reissue of "Resurrection Day" is available on Kindle, Nook, and platforms supported by Smashwords.  It has a new Afterword written by Brendan Dubois, describing how the book came about and what inspired him to write it.

You can buy and download direct from the Shots Ezine Bookstore here on special offer for £1.90

Other links are here:

Amazon US:

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"Resurrection Day" is also available in paperback via Createspace at Amazon for those who prefer a paper book

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If you follow Brendan on Facebook you’ll know about his appearance on the US Gameshow Jeopardy –

His short stories have twice won him the Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, and have also earned him three Edgar Allan Poe Award nominations from the Mystery Writers of America.

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Photos (c) 2013 A S Karim
Top - Brendan Dubois and Ali Karim [aka Batman]
Bottom - Ali Karim Moderating the PI Panel at Bouchercon Albany with Baron Birtcher, Jack Bludis, Brendan DuBois, Charles Salzberg, and John Shepphird

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