Monday, 30 November 2015

South Downs Crime & Mystery

Not the SCROOGE you thought you knew...

Just in time for Christmas, available now to order at Amazon at a special price of just £1.99!
The Humbug Murders is the first title in the new Ebenezer Scrooge Mysteries series by New York Times bestselling author L.J. Oliver.
As the December nights grow long and cold in Victorian London, the Christmas geese are getting fat - as are the pockets of ambitious young moneylender Ebenezer Scrooge.
In his Cheapside counting house Ebenezer receives an early-morning visit from his old mentor, Reginald Fezziwig. Not that strange, except that Fezziwig claims to be dead. Murdered, in fact. And his ghost predicts other victims will follow - including Scrooge himself - unless Ebenezer finds the real culprit.
Aided by an unconventional female clerk named Adelaide Owen, the two mingle with some of the city’s most colorful characters - the Artful Dodger, Fagin, even a wily young reporter named Charles Dickens. But the truth is murkier than the Thames at twilight, and one misplaced word, one glance askew, and the ever-thrifty Scrooge and his fellow detective will be forced to pay the ultimate price...

Special Offer on the Mr and Mrs Darcy Series

For a limited time, you can enter the wonderful world of Mr and Mrs Darcy for only 99p!

Mr & Mrs Darcy, the joyous newlyweds from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, have not even left for their honeymoon when they find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving one of their wedding guests.

The lovely Caroline Bingley is engaged to marry a rich and charismatic American. Unfortunately, this windswept courtship is marred by many strange events - nocturnal wanderings, spooked horses, carriage accidents, and even an apparent suicide attempt. Soon the whole Bingley family seems the target of a mysterious plot, with only the Darcys recognising the danger.

Sinister forces are afoot and the Darcys must get to the bottom of this mystery before the blushing bride descends into madness - or worse.

And, if you fall in love with this charming series, the next two books in the series, Suspense and Sensibility and North by Northanger are only £1.99. Enjoy!

South Downs Crime & Mystery is a new independent publisher of cosy, historical and golden age mysteries. We believe crime doesn't always have to be bloody and that great characters, settings and plot are what make mysteries so satisfying.
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