Thursday, 23 April 2020

Severn House - Author tips and books for life in lockdown

Advice from the
self-isolating experts 

When it comes to self-isolation, our authors know a thing or two! We turned to this fantastic bunch for tips and tricks for getting through these extraordinary times. Head over to our blog for some wise advice and their lockdown reading lists.

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 Crossing Dangerous Lines


 Discussions around medical research and scientific breakthroughs are dominating the news at the moment. As we grapple with the latest updates on vaccine development and mathematical modelling, Tricia Fields and Charles Atkins talk about the role medical research plays in their thrilling new mysteries – and some of the important issues it raises.

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Books to escape into 

Fed up of staring at your own four walls? Although a holiday is strictly off limits at the moment, you can still be whisked away to an exciting location thanks to these gripping reads

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More information about Severn House and their books can be found over on their blog.

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