Thursday, 15 April 2010

Roger Ellory’s Anniversary Man

It just seems like yesterday when Roger Ellory told me about THE ANNIVERSARY MAN at last year’s London Book Fair, and now I read this from Booklist –

"This is one of those police-procedural gems that come along once in a blue moon. The book is entirely free of the tired formulas that drive way too many procedurals and that often seem more oriented towardsecuring movie rights than telling a story. And what a story this is! NYPD Detective Ray Irving—overworked, underpaid, and absolutely dedicated to his job—risks his code of ethics and, ultimately, his life to track down a serial killer who is imitating the crimes of some of the worst monsters our society has spawned. An increasing number of leads begin flowing in from newspaper researcher John Costello, a psychologically damaged survivor of the “Hammer of God” killer. Two decades after that traumatic event, Costello now seems to have garnered an uncannily encyclopedic knowledge of serial murderers. Costello’s almost prescient information soon makes him Irving’s number-one resource as well as his number-one suspect. Although Ellory is widely acclaimed in his native Britain, his books have not yet received widespread distribution in the U.S. Following A Quiet Belief in Angels (2009), this could be the one to put his name in lights in this country. Expect his name to be on every crime-fiction fan’s lips in short order." — Elliott Swanson

Read More from Roger’s US Publisher’s The Overlook Press who incidentally published one my favourite US Espionage writers – Robert Littell

Shots Ezine have followed Roger’s career with great interest over the years, and we were glad to see him finally achieving a great audience – if you’ve not explored the dark and insightful mind of Roger Ellory, it’s time you did

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