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Current List of authors and titles available from The Murder Room

Boucher, Anthony      Nine Times Nine
Boucher, Anthony      Rocket to the Morgue
Boucher, Anthony      The Case of the Seven of Calvary
Boucher, Anthony      The Case of the Crumpled Knave
Cain, James M.          Double Indemnity
Cain, James M.          Mildred Pierce
Cain, James M.          Serenade
Cain, James M.          The Postman Always Rings Twice
Chase, James Hadley           Come Easy - Go Easy
Chase, James Hadley           Eve
Chase, James Hadley           Just Another Sucker
Chase, James Hadley           Mission to Sienna
Chase, James Hadley           Mission to Venice
Chase, James Hadley           More Deadly Than the Male
Chase, James Hadley           No Orchids for Miss Blandish
Chase, James Hadley           Not Safe to Be Free
Chase, James Hadley           Shock Treatment
Chase, James Hadley           What's Better Than Money
Cheyney, Peter           The Man is Dangerous
Cheyney, Peter           Poison Ivy
Cheyney, Peter           Dames Don't Care
Cheyney, Peter           Can Ladies Kill?
Cheyney, Peter           Don’t Get Me Wrong
Cheyney, Peter           You'd Be Surprised
Cheyney, Peter           Your Deal, My Lovely
Cheyney, Peter           Never a Dull Moment
Cheyney, Peter           You Can Always Duck
Cheyney, Peter           I'll Say She Does
Ellin, Stanley  The Stronghold
Ellin, Stanley  The Luxembourg Run
Ellin, Stanley  Very Old Money
Ellin, Stanley  The Speciality of the House
Ellin, Stanley  The Eighth Circle
Fleming, Joan            Two Lovers Too Many
Fleming, Joan            The Man Who Looked Back
Fleming, Joan            A Daisy-Chain for Satan
Fleming, Joan            The Deeds of Dr Deadcert
Fleming, Joan            The Gallows in my Garden
Fleming, Joan            The Good and the Bad
Fleming, Joan            He Ought to be Shot
Fleming, Joan            Maiden's Prayer
Fleming, Joan            Polly Put the Kettle On
Fleming, Joan            You Can't Believe your Eyes
Gores, Joe      Hammett
Gores, Joe      Interface
Gores, Joe      Spade and Archer
Higgins, George V.    The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Higgins, George V.    Cogan's Trade
Household, Geoffrey The Courtesy of Death
Household, Geoffrey Doom's Caravan
Household, Geoffrey Face to the Sun
Household, Geoffrey The Last Two Weeks of Georges Rivac
Household, Geoffrey Red Anger
Household, Geoffrey Summon the Bright Water
Hubbard, P. M.          The Causeway
Hubbard, P. M.          Cold Waters
Hubbard, P. M.          The Custom of the Country
Hubbard, P. M.          The Dancing Man
Hubbard, P. M.          Flush as May
Hubbard, P. M.          The Graveyard
James, Bill     You'd Better Believe It
James, Bill     The Lolita Man
James, Bill     Halo Parade
James, Bill     Protection
James, Bill     Come Clean
James, Bill     Take
Kaye, M. M.    Death in Kashmir
Kaye, M. M.    Death in Berlin
Kaye, M. M.    Death in Cyprus
Kaye, M. M.    Death in Kenya
Kaye, M. M.    Death in Zanzibar
Kaye, M. M.    Death in the Andamans
Knox, Ronald The Body in the Silo
Knox, Ronald Double Cross Purposes
Knox, Ronald The Footsteps at the Lock
Knox, Ronald Still Dead
Knox, Ronald The Three Taps
Knox, Ronald The Viaduct Murder
MacDonald, Ross      Black Money
Margaret Millar         Beast in View
Meynell, Laurence     Danger Round the Corner
Meynell, Laurence     The Frightened Man
Meynell, Laurence     Too Clever By Half
Meynell, Laurence     Death By Arrangement
Meynell, Laurence     The Thirteen Trumpeters
Meynell, Laurence     The Fairly Innocent Little Man
Price, Anthony           The Labyrinth Makers
Price, Anthony           The Alamut Ambush
Price, Anthony           Colonel Butler's Wolf
Price, Anthony           October Men
Price, Anthony           Other Paths to Glory
Price, Anthony           Our Man in Camelot
Price, Anthony           War Game
Price, Anthony           The '44 Vintage
Price, Anthony           Tomorrow's Ghost
Price, Anthony           The Hour of the Donkey
Price, Anthony           Soldier No More
Price, Anthony           The Old Vengeful
Price, Anthony           Gunner Kelly
Price, Anthony           Sion Crossing
Price, Anthony           Here Be Monsters
Price, Anthony           For the Good of the State
Price, Anthony           A New Kind of War
Price, Anthony           A Prospect of Vengeance
Price, Anthony           The Memory Trap
Thompson, Jim          The Getaway
Thompson, Jim          The Killer Inside Me
Thompson, Jim          After Dark, My Sweet
Thompson, Jim          Pop 1280
Thompson, Jim          The Grifters
Thompson, Jim          A Hell of a Woman
Thompson, Jim          A Swell-Looking Babe
Thompson, Jim          Nothing More Than Murder
Thompson, Jim          Savage Night
Household, Geoffrey Watcher in the Shadows
Household, Geoffrey A Time to Kill
Chase, James Hadley           A Can of Worms
Chase, James Hadley           A Coffin From Hong Kong
Chase, James Hadley           An Ace Up My Sleeve
Chase, James Hadley           An Ear to the Ground
Chase, James Hadley           Believe This . . . You'll Believe Anything
Chase, James Hadley           Believed Violent
Chase, James Hadley           Consider Yourself Dead
Chase, James Hadley           Do Me a Favour, Drop Dead
Chase, James Hadley           Goldfish Have No Hiding Place
Chase, James Hadley           Have a Nice Night
Chase, James Hadley           Hand Me a Fig Leaf
Chase, James Hadley           Have a Change of Scene
Chase, James Hadley           Have This One on Me
Chase, James Hadley           Hit Them Where it Hurts
Chase, James Hadley           I Hold the Four Aces
Chase, James Hadley           I Would Rather Stay Poor
Chase, James Hadley           Just a Matter of Time
Chase, James Hadley           Knock, Knock! Who's There?
Chase, James Hadley           Like a Hole in the Head
Chase, James Hadley           My Laugh Comes Last
Chase, James Hadley           Not My Thing
Chase, James Hadley           One Bright Summer Morning
Chase, James Hadley           So What Happens to Me?
Chase, James Hadley           Tell it to the Birds
Chase, James Hadley           The Joker in the Pack
Chase, James Hadley           The Soft Centre
Chase, James Hadley           The Vulture is a Patient Bird
Chase, James Hadley           The Whiff of Money
Chase, James Hadley           Try This One For Size
Chase, James Hadley           Want to Stay Alive?
Chase, James Hadley           We'll Share a Double Funeral
Chase, James Hadley           Well Now, My Pretty
Chase, James Hadley           You Can Say That Again
Chase, James Hadley           You Have Yourself a Deal
Chase, James Hadley           You Must be Kidding
Chase, James Hadley           You're Dead Without Money
Cheyney, Peter           Urgent Hangman
Cheyney, Peter           Dangerous Curves
Cheyney, Peter           You Can't Keep the Change
Cheyney, Peter           It Couldn't Matter Less
Cheyney, Peter           Sorry You've Been Troubled
Cheyney, Peter           They Never Say When
Cheyney, Peter           Uneasy Terms
Cheyney, Peter           Dark Duet
Cheyney, Peter           The Stars Are Dark
Cheyney, Peter           The Dark Street
Cheyney, Peter           Sinister Errand
Cheyney, Peter           Dark Hero
Cheyney, Peter           Dark Interlude
Cheyney, Peter           Dark Wanton
Cheyney, Peter           Dark Bahama
Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur        Sherlock Holmes's Greatest Cases
Connington, J. J.       Almighty Gold
Connington, J. J.       The Boathouse Riddle
Connington, J. J.       The Case with Nine Solutions
Connington, J. J.       The Castleford Conundrum
Connington, J. J.       Commonsense Is All You Need
Connington, J. J.       The Counsellor
Connington, J. J.       The Dangerfield Talisman
Connington, J. J.       Death at Swaythling Court
Connington, J. J.       The Eye in the Museum
Connington, J. J.       For Murder Will Speak (AKA Murder Will Speak)
Connington, J. J.       The Four Defences
Connington, J. J.       The Ha-Ha Case (AKA The Brandon Case)
Connington, J. J.       In Whose Dim Shadow (AKA The Tau Cross Mystery)
Connington, J. J.       Jack-In-The-Box
Connington, J. J.       A Minor Operation
Connington, J. J.       Murder in the Maze
Connington, J. J.       Mystery at Lynden Sands
Connington, J. J.       Nemesis at Raynham Parva (AKA Grim Vengeance)
Connington, J. J.       No Past is Dead
Connington, J. J.       Nordenholt's Million
Connington, J. J.       The Sweepstake Murders
Connington, J. J.       Tom Tiddler's Island (AKA Gold Brick Island)
Connington, J. J.       Tragedy at Ravensthorpe
Connington, J. J.       Truth Comes Limping
Connington, J. J.       The Twenty-One Clues
Connington, J. J.       The Two Tickets Puzzle (AKA The Two Ticket Puzzle)
Fleming, Joan            Alas, Poor Father
Fleming, Joan            The Chill and the Kill
Fleming, Joan            Death of a Sardine
Fleming, Joan            Dirty Butter for Servants
Fleming, Joan            Every Inch a Lady
Fleming, Joan            Grim Death and the Barrow Boys
Fleming, Joan            Hell's Belle
Fleming, Joan            How to Live Dangerously
Fleming, Joan            In the Red
Fleming, Joan            Kill or Cure
Fleming, Joan            Malice Matrimonial
Fleming, Joan            The Man From Nowhere
Fleming, Joan            Midnight Hag
Fleming, Joan            Miss Bones
Fleming, Joan            No Bones About It
Fleming, Joan            Nothing is the Number When you Die
Fleming, Joan            Screams From a Penny Dreadful
Fleming, Joan            To Make an Underworld
Fleming, Joan            Too Late! Too Late! The Maiden Cried
Fleming, Joan            You Won't Let me Finish
Gores, Joe      Hammett
Gores, Joe      Interface
Gores, Joe      Space and Archer
Higgins, George V.    At End of Day
Higgins, George V.    The Digger's Game
Higgins, George V.    Outlaws
Higgins, George V.    The Patriot Game
Higgins, George V.    The Rat on Fire
Hubbard, P. M.          High Tide
Hubbard, P. M.          A Hive of Glass
Hubbard, P. M.          Kill Claudio
Hubbard, P. M.          Picture of Millie
Hubbard, P. M.          The Quiet River
Hubbard, P. M.          A Rooted Sorrow
Hubbard, P. M.          A Thirsty Evil
Hubbard, P. M.          The Tower
Hubbard, P. M.          The Whisper in the Glen
James, Bill     Club
James, Bill     Astride a Grave
James, Bill     Gospel
James, Bill     Roses, Roses
James, Bill     In Good Hands
James, Bill     The Detective is Dead
James, Bill     Top Banana
James, Bill     Panicking Ralph
James, Bill     Lovely Mover
James, Bill     Eton Crop
James, Bill     Kill Me
James, Bill     Pay Days
James, Bill     Naked at the Window
James, Bill     The Girl With the Long Back
James, Bill     Easy Streets
James, Bill     Wolves of Memory
James, Bill     Girls
James, Bill     Pix
James, Bill     In the Absence of Iles
James, Bill     Hotbed
James, Bill     I am Gold
McCloy, Helen           Dance of Death
McCloy, Helen           The Man in the Moonlight
McCloy, Helen           The Deadly Truth
McCloy, Helen           Who's Calling
McCloy, Helen           Cue for Murder
McCloy, Helen           The Goblin Market
McCloy, Helen           The One That Got Away
McCloy, Helen           Through a Glass, Darkly
McCloy, Helen           Alias Basil Willing
McCloy, Helen           The Long Body
McCloy, Helen           Two-Thirds of a Ghost
McCloy, Helen           Mr Splitfoot
McCloy, Helen           Burn This
McCloy, Helen           The Pleasant Assasin and Other Cases of Dr Basil Willing
McCloy, Helen           Panic
McCloy, Helen           Before I Die
McCloy, Helen           The Imposter
McCloy, Helen           The Singing Diamonds and Other Stories
Meynell, Laurence     Don't Stop for Hooky Heffernan
Meynell, Laurence     Hooky and the Crock of Gold
Meynell, Laurence     Lost Half Hour
Meynell, Laurence     Hooky Gets the Wooden Spoon
Meynell, Laurence     Papersnake
Meynell, Laurence     Hooky and the Villainous Chauffeur
Meynell, Laurence     Hooky and the Prancing Horse
Meynell, Laurence     Hooky Goes to Blazes
Meynell, Laurence     Silver Guilt
Meynell, Laurence     The Open Door
Meynell, Laurence     The Affair at Barwold
Meynell, Laurence     Hooky Catches a Tartar
Meynell, Laurence     Hooky on Loan
Meynell, Laurence     Hooky Hooked
Meynell, Laurence     Third Time Unlucky
Meynell, Laurence     The Creaking Chair
Meynell, Laurence     The Breaking Point
Meynell, Laurence     The House in Marsh Road
Meynell, Laurence     One Step From Murder
Procter, Maurice        Rich is the Treasure
Procter, Maurice        The Pub Crawler
Procter, Maurice        Three at the Angel
Procter, Maurice        The Spearhead Death
Procter, Maurice        Devil in the Moonlight
Procter, Maurice        The Dog Man
Procter, Maurice        I Will Speak Daggers
Procter, Maurice        Hell is a City
Procter, Maurice        The Midnight Plumber
Procter, Maurice        Man in Ambush
Procter, Maurice        Killer at Large
Procter, Maurice        Devil's Due
Procter, Maurice        The Devil was Handsome
Procter, Maurice        A Body to Spare
Procter, Maurice        Moonlight Flitting
Procter, Maurice        Two Men in Twenty
Procter, Maurice        Death Has a Shadow (AKA Homicide Blonde)
Procter, Maurice        His Weight in Gold
Procter, Maurice        Rogue Running
Procter, Maurice        Exercise Hoodwink
Procter, Maurice        Hideaway
Thomas, Donald        Belladonna: A Lewis Carroll Nightmare
Thomas, Donald        The Ripper's Apprentice
Thomas, Donald        Jekyll, Alias Hyde
Thomas, Donald        The Arrest of Scotland Yard
Thomas, Donald        Dancing in the Dark
Thomas, Donald        Red Flowers for a Lady Blue
Thomas, Donald        The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes
Thomas, Donald        Sherlock Holmes and Running Noose
Thomas, Donald        Sherlock Holmes and the Voice From the Crypt
Thomas, Donald        Flight of the Eagle
Thomas, Donald        Dead Giveaway
Thomas, Donald (as Francis Selwyn)          Crackman on Velvet
Thomas, Donald (as Francis Selwyn)          The Hangman's Child
Thomas, Donald (as Francis Selwyn)          Sergeant Verity Presents his Compliments
Thomas, Donald (as Francis Selwyn)          Sergeant Verity and the Blood Royal
Thomas, Donald (as Francis Selwyn)          Sergeant Verity and the Imperial Diamond
Underwood, Michael Murder on Trial (1954)
Underwood, Michael Murder Made Absolute (1955)
Underwood, Michael Death on Remand (1956)
Underwood, Michael False Witness (1957)
Underwood, Michael Lawful Pursuit (1958)
Underwood, Michael Arm of the Law (1959)
Underwood, Michael Cause of Death (1960)
Underwood, Michael Death by Misadventure (1960)
Underwood, Michael Adam's Case (1961)
Underwood, Michael The Case Against Philip Quest (1962)
Underwood, Michael Girl Found Dead (1963)
Underwood, Michael The Crime of Colin Wise (1964)
Underwood, Michael The Anxious Conspirator (1965)
Underwood, Michael The Man Who Died on Friday (1967)
Underwood, Michael The Man Who Killed Too Soon (1968)
Underwood, Michael The Shadow Game (1970)
Underwood, Michael Trout in the Milk (1971)
Underwood, Michael Reward for a Defector (1973)
Underwood, Michael The Unprofessional Spy (1975)
Underwood, Michael A Pinch of Snuff (1974)
Underwood, Michael Crime upon Crime (1980)
Underwood, Michael Double Jeopardy (1981)
Underwood, Michael Goddess of Death (1982)
Underwood, Michael A Party to Murder (1983)
Underwood, Michael Death in Camera (1984)
Underwood, Michael The Hidden Man (1985)
Underwood, Michael Death at Deepwood Grange (1986)
Underwood, Michael The Injudicious Judge (1987)
Underwood, Michael The Uninvited Corpse (1987)
Underwood, Michael Dual Enigma (1988)
Underwood, Michael A Compelling Case (1989)
Underwood, Michael A Dangerous Business (1990)
Underwood, Michael Rosa's Dilemma (1990)
Underwood, Michael The Seeds of Murder (1991)
Underwood, Michael Guilty Conscience (1992)
Underwood, Michael The Juror (1975)
Underwood, Michael Menaces, Menaces (1976)
Underwood, Michael The Fatal Trip (1977)
Underwood, Michael Murder with Malice (1977)
Underwood, Michael Crooked Wood (1978)
Underwood, Michael A Crime Apart (1966)
Underwood, Michael Shem's Demise (1970)
Underwood, Michael The Silent Liars (1970)
Underwood, Michael Anything But the Truth (1978)
Underwood, Michael Smooth Justice (1979)
Underwood, Michael Victim of Circumstance (1979)
Underwood, Michael A Clear Case of Suicide (1980)
Underwood, Michael The Hand of Fate (1981)

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