Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Gary Phillips in BIG WATER

At Shots, we’re big followers of award-winning crime writer and graphic novel writer Gary Phillips, as we first met Gary when he visited London’s Crimescene Event as a guest of honour with actor Richard Widmark in 2002

We’re excited about his new venture BIG WATER, which he’s working with Gilda Haas, via Kickstarter. We also support worthy enterprises that use Crime / Thriller Fiction as a springboard to influence our world for the better.

This Video Explains the concept of BIG WATER –

The Team is halfway there to get this graphic novel out, and apart from a great story from LA’s coolest dude Gary Phillips it also address an important issue, often neglected by the media, and something that will become important to all of us in the future – the control of water.

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Water –– who owns it, who controls it –– that's the world's biggest environmental struggle. Water, an essential life force that makes up 60% of our bodies and 70% of the planet, is being commodified, corporatized, and stolen from the people.

In BIG WATER we’re using the medium of the graphic novel to tell an entertaining and informative tale about the fight to keep the water flowing, written by mystery writer Gary Phillips [The RinseThe Warlord of Willow Ridge].

BIG WATER takes place in the fictional Southeast L.A. town of Bell Park, where local activists, led by home town organizer Melinda Cruz, are fighting to keep their water out of private hands.  Meanwhile across town, the Double Six designer water label, where Melinda’s kid brother Jaime is a sales rep, is backing the privatization play so as to take over Bell Park’s historic aquifer.

BIG WATER is brought to you by Dr. Pop, your friendly neighborhood website that breaks down complicated issues about the economy, democracy, and the city in simple and intriguing ways. 

Gary's script has been written, and we are now raising money to:

1.  Hire the talented Mani Magalhães (Bicycle Cop Dave, Brand & Reese, Vincent Price Presents) to produce the sequential illustrations.
2. Publish the book.
3. Get BIG WATER into the hands of the eager masses.

More information Here


For information about the work of Gary Phillips Click Here [from last month’s Publishers Weekly Special Feature] and Click here for information about his work from PM Press.

We do hope you get involved in BIG WATER and support this venture.

Photo Top © 2011 Ali Karim of Shots Editor Mike Stotter taking over as Gary Phillips Security Man at Bouchercon in St Louis

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