Friday, 2 May 2014

Charles Cumming’s A COLDER WAR Mole Hunt

Harper Collins are running a special competition to celebrate the release of Charles Cumming’s latest international spy thriller, A Colder War.  

The competition involves a mole hunt. The name of the mole has been hidden amongst blog posts around the internet (see the banner below).

In each post, there are a couple of questions (mine, the final ones are below). The first letter in each answer is in the name of the mole and the answers can be found in the videos. Collect all the answers, and email your answer to killerreads[at] The winner gets a Kindle!

Check out the videos of Charles Cumming below and answer the questions. Incredibly simple!

Question 9:- A Colder War is the _______ to A Foreign Country? 

Question 10:- Complete the title of Arthur Miller’s great American play, Death of A _____? 

Best of luck to those of you that have entered the competition.

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