Tuesday 29 December 2015

Criminal Snippets

Megan Abbott has written an excellent article in the Guardian about the success of novels such as Gone Girl and Girl on the Train and the fact that there is a desire amongst female readers to read stories that speak more of their own experiences.  The whole article can be read here.

A really brilliant piece in The Independent about The Silent Room Mari Hannah’s new book and new protagonist.  The article can be read here.  Also in The Independent a review of A J Quinn’s latest novel Silence by Barry Forshaw who states that it captures the spirit of Belfast.

If you by any chance managed to miss the news of Peter Dickinson’s sad death then his obituary in The Independent can be read here.  Both a crime writer and a children’s writer Dickinson’s debut novel Skin Deep (aka The Glass-Sided Ant’s Nest (US)) won the CWA Gold Dagger.  So did his second novel A Pride of Heroes (The Old English Peep-Show (US)).  More Obituaries can be found from the Bookseller, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

Dulwich Bookshop is launching a series of live events in 2016.  The whole list can be found here and there is of course a number of “Deadly in Dulwich” crime fiction events taking place. The first takes place on 21 January and features debut author Fiona Barton and Ann Morgan.  On 9th March Alex Marwood will be joined by Erin Kelly, Jane Casey and Claire McGowan. An Irish Crime Fiction special of Deadly in Dulwich will take place on 26th April featuring Sinead Cowley, Jo Spain and Kate McQuaid.

According to ABC Sunshine Coast news American crime writer James Patterson appears to be expanding his stable of collaborations.  This time round he will be collaborating with Australian crime writer Candice Fox whose novels Hades and Eden have won Ned Kelly Awards.  The full article can be read here.  You can also listen to an interview with Candice Fox done with ABC Sunshine Coast News (Via Soundcloud) as she talks about collaborating with James Patterson.

Over on the lovely Declan Burke's blog Crime Always Pays there is a round up of crime fiction books by Irish crime writers that are due out in 2016.  The list includes John Connolly, Steve Cavanagh, Tana French and Adrian McKinty to name a few.

Quite a number of books are being adapted for movies next year.  The ones that crime fiction readers no doubt will be interested in include Girl on a Train by Paula Hawkins, Inferno by Dan Brown, The November Criminals by Sam Munson.

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