Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ripley's Game

The close of Crime and Thriller conventions can be a tad melancholic, as for a few days we escape the strait-jackets that are our lives, interacting with our friends, spending late nights in the bar, laughing at the surreal nature of reality – so when the show unspools, one can be left feeling somewhat hollow.

The Crimefest Team addressed this matter, by closing the event with Mike Ripley’s surreal game I'm Sorry I Haven't A Cluedo.

To have a look at last year’s finale, click HERE

This year, Mike Ripley was again joined by his assistant, the writer, raconteur, broadcaster and literary commentator Peter Guttridge. Two teams of Crime and Thriller writers were assembled with political journalist and crime writer Ruth Dudley-Edwards captaining the Girls, with Alison Bruce and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir; while Lee Child captained the Boys with Andrew Taylor and Jeffery Deaver.

Crimefest as well as Mike Ripley allowed Shots Magazine to record the closing event, which we present here, in ten minute sections.

It was shot ‘gonzo style’ and will provide amusement, for laughter in the hands of the Talented Mr Ripley is indeed the best medicine, as far too many people take themselves too seriously.

Part One > https://youtu.be/cAqI8xw2O0g

And remember Mike Ripley’s KISS KISS BANG BANG was presented with the 2018 HRF Keating Award; and click HERE for more information on the Golden Age of British Thriller Fiction.

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