Thursday, 30 January 2020

Baghdad Central Channel 4 Series starts Feb 3

The Channel 4 Series based on Baghdad Central by Elliott Colla Starts Monday February 3 at 10pm. 

Watch the trailer below.

The TV series Baghdad Central starts in the UK next Monday, 3rd Feb at 10 pm on Channel 4, airing weekly. You can also stream the entire box set immediately after on All 4.  It will be on HULU in the US later this spring.
Watch the TRAILER, then binge the series or read the book. All good decisions.

The TV series is based on Elliott Colla's novel set in October 2003 in Baghdad. The occupation forces have disbanded the army and there is no police on the streets of Iraq. Inspector Muhsin al-Khafaji is a mid-level Iraqi cop who deserted his post back in April. Captured by the Americans and imprisoned in Abu Ghraib, Khafaji is offered one way out, helping the authorities rebuild the Iraqi Police Services. But it's only after US forces take his daughter Mrouj that he figures out a way to make his surrender palatable, and even rewarding. Soon, he is investigating the disappearance of young translators working for the US Army.

The international cast is led by Altered Carbon star Waleed Zuaiter, who plays Khafaji, and Homeland’s July Namir who plays the role of Mrouj, his daughter. The cast also features a double Olivier Award winner in Bertie Carvel (Dr FosterJonathan Strange and Dr Norrell) who plays Frank Temple. Also featuring in a variety of roles are Clara Khoury (Homeland), Leem Lubany (Condor), Neil Maskell (Utopia) and Golden Globe-nominated Corey Stoll (House of Cards). More information.

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