Sunday 21 May 2023

Murdle: 100 Solve 100 Devilishly Devious Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles

Every Murdle includes a list of suspects, murder locations and murder weapons. There is also a list of clues. All suspects were only in one location with one murder weapon, but only one of them committed the murder.

Use the clues to fill in the deduction grid. When, for example, you work out what weapon a suspect had, put atick in the box. At the same time, put a cross against the other weapons for that suspect because you now know they did not have those. When you have enough information in the grid - who had what, and where - use the clue in red to work out whodunit. 

Good luck, gumshoe!

Murdle: 100 Solve 100 Devilishly Devious Murder Mystery Logic Puzzles by G.T. Karber (Souvenir Press) Out 6 July 2023, creator of

From G. T. Karber, the creator of the popular online daily mystery game at, comes this fiendishly compulsive and absolutely killer collection of 100 original murder mystery logic puzzles. Join Deductive Logico and pit your wits against a slew of dastardly villains in order to discover: - Who committed the ghastly deed? - What weapon was used to dispatch the victim? - Where did the dreadful demise occur? These humorous mini-mystery puzzles challenge you to find whodunit, how, where, and why. Examine the clues, interview the witnesses, and use the power of deduction to complete the grid and catch the culprit. Packed with illustrations, codes, and maps, this is the must-have detective casebook for the secret sleuth in everyone. Are you the next Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot? You'll soon find out, if you dare to Murdle! Perfect for fans of Sudoku, Wordle, and other logic games, Karber’s Murdle is a brand new utterly addictive new puzzle for armchair detectives.

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