Sunday, 18 February 2007

Bouncing Back

Hopefully some of you may wonder why there have been no updates for over a week. At least I hope you have. But it's that time in the UK where the flu bug strikes out of the blue. And not "man flu" before anyone quips. I've never been laid out with the flu since childhood when I contracted double pneumonia and went into a coma (some wise-ass will say I've never come out of it).
The worse thing about it was that during the illness I had the interest span of a goldfish. That meant any judging for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger went to pot, my own novel just stayed tucked away in its desktop file and all of the DVDs I should have been able to catch up on remained in their cases along with my interest.
To say it was bad was an understatement. I even went off the malt whiskey!
Five days down the line, two bottles of Corvornia, three packets of Paracetamols and a box of tissues, backs comes the interest in booting up the laptop and getting down to answering the hundreds of emails. Even sorting out the hallway where the piles of review books have been slowly growing higher and higher.
So I am about to make a cup of tea when my eye catches sight of one of those holiday "bargains". You know the type you see in every souvenir store. This one is a homely-looking mother and on her apron bears the legend.
Kids get colds,
men get flu,
women get on with it!

Yeah, right! Pass me that Glenmorangie.
Back with proper news tomorrow.

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