Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tuesday 20 Nov 2008

Sorting out a newly arrived batch of books I think I’ve spotted a new trend. Much like the old adage: you wait for one bus to arrive then two come together. In this case, it’s the use of Judas in the title. In the UK we have The Judas Heart by Ingrid Black and the forthcoming The Judas by Steve Jackson. Steve, by the way, has written an article for us and will appear on the website over the weekend of 25/26 November. Stateside you had The Judas Strain by James Rollins and Cry Judas by Frederick F Meyers and out in 2008 - Judas Horse: An FBI Special Agent Ana Greg Mystery by April Smith.
Any advances?


Unknown said...

CRY JUDAS is a military thriller, the second of a trilogy, which follows the on-going clashes between Salal, a radical terrorist, and Matt Gannon, a n ex-Army officer and newly minted CIA officer. Check out the three novels of the series at www.ffmeyersjr.com

Mike Stotter said...

Hi Frederick

Thanks for letting us know.