Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Crime in Chipping Norton - but not phone hacking

(left to right) Interviewer Peter Guttridge with S.J. Bolton, Dan Waddell, Sophie Hannah and Mark Billingham on stage at the inaugural Chipping Norton Literary Festival.  They discussed the idea that deceit and deviousness must come naturally to crime writers for them to be any good with such gusto several psychotherapists in the audience offered their services.  Later in the day, Guttridge theoretically interviewed Colin Dexter - in other words, he sat beside Morse's creator whilst the Great Man held entertaining court.  Dexter is slightly deaf these days but deafness is a strange thing.  He heard quite clearly questions from the audience but couldn't hear at all the three-times-repeated question from the man sitting beside him about his opinion of TV's "Endeavour", the dramatisation of Morse's early days.

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