Tuesday 1 May 2012

Nick Santora Script Writing Competition

Are there any budding scriptwriters out there?  If so here’s your chance to get your work reviewed by Nick Santora.  With the publication of Fifteen Digits Nick Santora and his publishers Mulholland UK are running a completion for one luck person to get the exclusive opportunity to get their TV pilot episode reviewed by the author.  Nick will critique the winning script and give you notes.  The two runners up will also win signed copies of the original Prison Break script.  More information about the competition including information about submission can be found here.

Nick Santora has written and/or produced for several television series such as The Sopranos, Law & Order and The Guardian.  From 2005 to 2009, he was writer/co-executive producer of the hit drama Prison Break, and is currently working on the second series of Breakout Kings.

Is it really insider trading if you’ve been an outsider your entire life?

Five men.  Five walks of life.  Every day they come together at the white shoe law firm Olmstead & Taft.  But they’re not lawyers.  They’re “Printers”: blue-collar guys consigned to the dark basement of the firm charged with copying, collating and delivering the mountains of paperwork that document millions of dollars of sensitive legal secrets.

Until the five are approached by an ambitious young attorney who teaches them what they have: insider information.  Together they make a plan: take the classified documents that pass through their hands every day and use them to get rich.  They create a joint account to deposit the spoils.  An account with a safeguard-each one only knows one section of the access code.

Which means that for all five conspirators, there’s no way out.  But as too much money piles up to go unnoticed, the Printers will discover there’s one thing even worse than being an outsider: being in too deep.

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