Friday, 16 August 2019

St Hilda's Crime Fiction Weekend!

So it is Friday and for so many of us at this time of the year it is time for our annual pilgrimage down to Oxford for the St Hilda’s Crime Fiction weekend.  If you have never been then you are missing a treat.   This year the theme is Gamechangers: Writers Who Have Transformed the Genre and the weekend is due to be chaired by Natasha Cooper.  The guest of Honour is Denise Mina.

The only downside at the moment is that it is raining but that does not hide the brilliant view from my usual room.  I love where they have put me as it allows me to look out over the River Cherwell.  

The weekend is due to start properly at 6:45pm when we all gather for a drinks reception.  Normally it would take place on the South Lawn but looking at the weather I think this year it is going to be in the South Foyer.  No matter where it is held the start of St Hilda’s is always enjoyable as you catch up with various friends and introduce the new attendees to
the weekend and for those that feel like it dress up!

This evening the guest speaker is going to be Val McDermid who is a long standing attendee of this weekend and who is also an alumna of St Hilda’s.  Her after dinner speech is entitled ‘From Victims, Vixens and Vamps to Valkyries, Vanquishers and Victors’. 

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