Thursday, 19 March 2020

Books to Look Forward to from Oneworld Publishers and Point Blank Books

September 2020

A Fatal Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum is by Emma Southon.  In Ancient Rome all the best stories have one thing in common - murder. Romulus killed Remus to found the city; Caesar was assassinated to save the Republic. Caligula was butchered in the theatre, Claudius was poisoned at dinner and Galba was beheaded in the forum. In one fifty-year period, twenty-six emperors were murdered.  But what did killing mean in a city where gladiators fought to the death to sate a crowd? Emma Southon examines real-life homicides from Roman history to explore how perpetrator, victim and the act itself were regarded by ordinary people. Inside Ancient Rome's unique culture of crime and punishment, we see how the Romans viewed life, death, and what it means to be human.

Cracow,1893. Desperate to relieve her boredom and improve her social standing, Zofia Turbotynska decides to organise a charity raffle. In a bid to recruit the patronage of elderly aristocratic ladies, she visits Helcel House, a retirement home run by nuns.  But when two of the residents are found dead, Zofia discovers that her real talents lie in solving crimes is solving mysteries.  Inspired by Agatha Christie and filled with period character and zesty charm, series opener Mrs Mohr Goes Missing vividly recreates life in turn-of-the-century Poland, confronting a range of issues from class prejudice to women's rights, and proves that everyone is capable of finding their passion in life, however unlikely their passion may seem.  Miss Mohr Goes Missing is by Maryla Szymiczkowa

October 2020

Secretly Rosie Strange has always thought herself a little bit more interesting than most people – the legacy her family has bequeathed her is definitely so, she’s long believed. The life takes a peculiar turn when the Strange legacy turns out just not to be the Essex Witch Museum, but perhaps some other worldly gifts that Rosie finds difficult to fathom.  Meanwhile Sam Stone, Rosie’s curator is oddly distracted.  Breadcrumb clues as to what happened to his missing younger brother and other abducted boys from the past are poised to lead him and Rosie  deep into the dark wood where something far scarier than Hansel and Gretel’s witch lies in waiting.  Strange Tricks is by Syd Moore.

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