Friday, 6 March 2020

Statement from Capital Crime on Covid-19 Coronavirus

Capital Crime would like to reassure authors, sponsors and delegates that at the present time we believe the 2020 festival will go ahead.

We look to the experience of China, where decisive government action is bringing a large-scale COVID-19 outbreak under control in less than two months. China reported only 8 confirmed cases outside Hubei yesterday, and globally a number of other countries seem to have eradicated the virus from their communities entirely.

There are growing epidemics across Europe, but so far these are not on the scale seen in China. We believe it is reasonable to expect that the UK, which has forewarning of the problem and is not facing a situation of the same severity, will be able to take steps to neutralise any potential outbreak long before October.

World Health Organization Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom says governments who take decisive action now can eradicate the COVID-19 coronavirus, and points to several countries that have already done so. We’ve also sensed a change of tone in government messaging following today’s COBRA meeting and are confident the government will take the necessary steps to protect public health. The situation in the UK is expected to worsen before it improves, but it will improve.
Our priority is keeping our delegates and guests safe. You are our customers, colleagues and friends and we will not take any risks with your health or by extension the health of your friends, colleagues and loved ones. We will of course monitor the situation very closely and follow World Health Organization and UK Government guidance, as well as use our own judgement. We will be checking closely to see if the situation changes, but current advice and risk assessment leads us to believe Capital Crime 2020 will go ahead and that it will be safe to come and enjoy another wonderful festival.

We look forward to welcoming you there.

Adam, David & Lizzie

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