Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Newcastle Noir 2020 Programme

10am – Friday 1 May 
Play Dead – Dangerous Places, Dangerous Faces: Lucy Atkins; Maggie James; Nuala Ellwood 

11am – Friday 1 May  
The Kids are Alright: Matt Wesolowski; Sif Sigmarsdóttir; Thomas Enger

1pm – Friday 1 May  
In the Library with the Dagger: Frances Brody; Fiona Veitch Smith; Martin Edwards 

2.30pm – Friday 1 May  
Ye Shudda Seen us Gannin: Howard Linskey; Caroline England; Mik Brown; Rob Scragg 

3.30pm – Friday 1 May 
In Dublin’s Fair City & Beyond: Antony J Quinn; Sam Blake; Catherine Ryan Howard 

6pm – Friday 1 May  
Stranger than Fiction: Ian Patrick; Fiona Erskine; Eve Smith 

7pm – Friday 1 May  
Lindisfarne Prize for Debut Crime Fiction

8pm – Friday 1 May  
Friday Night Spotlight: LJ Ross 

10am – Saturday 2 May  
Crime Does Pay  Celebrating 20 years of the Murder Squad: Margaret Murphy; Chris Simms; Cath Staincliff; Martin Edwards; Helen Pepper; Kate Ellis 

11am – Saturday 2 May  
Come in from the Cold: Judith O’Reilly; Alex Shaw; Humphrey Hawksley; John Lawton 

12pm – Saturday 2 May: 
What Lies Hidden: Kath Stansfield; Cal Smyth; Chris Lloyd 

1pm – Saturday 2 May:
Writing the Detectives Workshop with Cath Staincliffe

2pm – Saturday 2 May  
Am I Losing my Mind?  Lisa Ballantyne; Louise Candlish; Barbara Copperthwaite; Sarah Stovell 

3pm – Saturday 2 May  
The Thin Blue Line: Valentina Giambanco; Johana Gustawsson; Adam Peacock; Katerina Diamond

4pm – Saturday 2 May  
To hell in a Handcart: William Smith; Will Carver; Bogdan Teodorescu 

5pm – Saturday 2 May  
Southern Cross Crime: Kirsten McKenzie; Helen Fitzgerald; Nikki Crutchley 

6.30pm – Saturday 2 May  
Spotlight: Mari Hannah and Jane Casey 

10am – Sunday 3 May  
#metoo – That’s What The Authors Say: Louise Beech; Madeline Black; Michael J Malone 

11am – Sunday 3 May  
New Blood, New Voices:  Trevor Wood; Suzy Aspley; Robert Craven; Heleen Kist 

2pm – Sunday 3 May  
Murder They Wrote: Ed James; Zoe Sharp; Noelle Holten; Neil Broadfoot 

3pm – Sunday 3 May  
Women in Gangland: Marnie Riches; Simone Buchholz; Anna Smith; Jane Corry 

4pm – Sunday 3 May  
Sir, There’s Been a Murder: Lesley Kelly; Ian Skewis; Jackie Mclean; Tana Collins 

5pm – Sunday 3 May  
Chilled to the Bone: Sif Sigmarsdóttir; Eva Björg Ægisdóttir; Kjell Ola Dahl; Thomas Enger; Marit Reiersgård

6.30pm – Sunday 3 May  
Sunday Night Spotlight: Yrsa Sigurðardóttir and Liz Nugent 

Further information and tickets can be found here.

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