Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Bouchercon 2008

Here's a first for the Shots Blog. We have Ayo Onatade in Baltimore, USA attending Bouchercon 2008 and she will be sending in a report as it happens.
For all of you who might not know the following are keynote guests:
Guests of Honour:Lawrence Block, Distinguished Contribution to the Genre
Laura Lippman, American Guest of Honour
John Harvey, International Guest of Honour
Mark Billingham, Toastmaster
Robert Rosenwald & Barbara Peters, Lifetime Achievement Award
Thalia Proctor, Fan Guest of Honour
The Prologue
"Bouchercon is less than six hours away and after the last two days I have a renewed respect for organisers of conferences. Over the last two days I have helped move over 500 boxes of books, label over 1,000 envelopes with participants names, helped stuff over 1500 catalogues and move over 1500 completed and full book bags. This year the co-organisers have surpassed themselves with the number of books that participants will receive in their bags. I would be very much surprised if anyone starts to complain as they will have no justification.
Slowly but surely people have started to turn up. From the UK point of view Martin Edwards and Ann Cleeves have already arrived. Ann has been in the states for sometime where she has been doing library events. So far the weather has been brilliant and the buzz about the hotel has been slowly building up. No doubt by 6:00pm (local time) the hotel will be full of Bouchercon attendees. What a sight it will be!"

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