Sunday 15 February 2009

Mark Lawson Reads "Between The Lines"

All last week, I enjoyed listening to a crime play that was serialized [in five parts] on BBC radio 4’s Woman’ Hour. It was written by broadcaster, novelist, crime-fiction enthusiast and last years winning team-captain of the Harrogate Crime Fiction Festival’s annual quiz – Mark Lawson. As Lawson is an advocate of crime fiction as well as a regular attendee at Harrogate – there is a knowingness about the proceedings; with the Harrogate event providing a backdrop in key scenes.

The serial was broadcast last week [Monday 9 - Friday 13 February] but can be listened to online here for one week only, but you should not tarry.

Reading Between the Lines By Mark Lawson

When a celebrated writer, RP Beckford-Jones, leaves clues in his final novel implying that his recently deceased wife was murdered, DCI Kate Duncan is forced to look more carefully at the incriminating text.

Director Eoin O’Callaghan.

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